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One of the biggest reasons that small businesses are not profitable is a lack of systems. Systems are processes that can be repeated again and again and again with little or no augmentation. When you do something once, it takes concentration and effort and time. If you continue to do the same thing over and over (and spend the same amount of concentration and effort and time) you will be wasting your resources. This is where systems come in. A system is when you automate a process so that it can run on autopilot without a lot of effort from you.

Henry Ford transformed the process of making vehicles by applying this concept. Before Ford, vehicles were assembled one at a time by craftsmen who would take weeks and even months creating a vehicle. Ford was able to create lower prices and produce more vehicles by systematizing the entire process:

He standardized parts
He had people doing the same job over and over so they became experts that small effort
He introduced the concept of the assembly line

In doing so, the completely transformed how business is run.

Your business needs systems. Systems does not necessarily mean that you have an assembly line or several staff or expensive software that does it all for you. A system can be as simple as a checklist for something you do over and over, or as simple as an email template for a common email you send out.

Your business will market more effectively, sell more products or services, and be far more profitable by simply creating systems.

Spend a week examining what you do, then figure out how you can systematize it:

Do you do the same thing every single morning?
Perhaps you can put your coffee maker on a timer, and have all of the computer programs you need start up automatically when you turn on your computer, and have your toll-free line automatically ring to your business line during business hours and voicemail during non-business hours.

Do you send the same emails all the time?
Perhaps you can create email templates for various types of emails.

Do you do the same kinds of marketing all the time?
Perhaps you can create a daily checklist and simply perform that routine of steps every day. Or, better yet, hire someone to do it for you.

Do you answer the same questions on the telephone?
Perhaps you can create a voicemail “tree” that has callers press 1 to hear answers to frequently asked questions and press 2 to talk to you.

The content creation for this blog is run systematically.  Actually, that’s a great future blog post idea.

Bottom line, systems make your life easier.  Get on it.

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