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I’m a huge fan of Tim Ferriss, both as an author and as a podcaster.  If you’re unfamiliar with his work, and care about optimizing your output in all facets of life, I highly recommend checking him out.  Tim’s podcast features a wide array of people from all walks of life, the premise being (as Ferriss puts it), ‘deconstructing excellence’.  All of the guests have achieved some form of success (personally, financially, physically, etc) in their respective industry and Tim dives into their stories, and more importantly, their processes.

One question he always asks is what the guest does in the first 60 (ish) minutes of their day.  After hearing this question asked and answered a few times I came to realize the importance of beginning the day in a certain, defined way.  This concept is further illustrated in Hal Alrod’s bestseller, The Miracle Morning.

Two things stood out to me personally when looking at this idea a little deeper:

1) Getting your mind in a state that will facilitate productivity throughout the rest of the day.

2) Saving my ‘attention units‘.  {We have a finite amount of brain power/energy in a given day.  Deciding what to eat, what to wear, what workout to do, etc, in the first 60 minutes of the day is not a wise way to use your ‘units‘.}

The first hour of my day (times are approximate, other than the first item):

6:06AM Wake-Up

No snoozing allowed, EVER.  Snoozing is telling the day ahead that you’re not really interested in dealing.

6:10AM Get Dressed

My gym/workout clothes were chosen before bedtime the previous night.

6:15AM Eat

My wakeup meal is 3 Brazil Nuts (tons of nutrients, look it up) and a glass of Athletic Greens.

6:20AM Meditate

Another unifying factor of Tim Ferriss’ guests is meditation.  I began meditating about 6 months ago and still consider myself a beginner.  I practice guided meditation using the app Calm for 10 minutes each morning.  I may ramp it up in 2015 and look into Transcendental Meditation.

6:35AM Brain Exercise

The first few months implementing this routine included Lumosity for this portion.  Now I have switched to duoLingo to improve mi Espanol (see, it’s working).

6:55AM Bodhi

Wake him up (ideally), change him, bring him into my room so my wife can feed him.

7:00AM Gym

If I don’t workout in the early AM it usually doesn’t happen at all.


One other thing that I did not mention thus far, absolutely ZERO contact with my phone, emails, anything work related  until after I return from the gym (and even then I may wait a while, but we’ll save that discussion for another time).

That’s it.  Pretty simple, right?  Same thing every day.  I don’t go to sleep early and probably get 6+ hours of sleep on average, (and remember, I have an 8-month old son so sleep has not been perfect over the time of this routine) but at 7AM each morning I feel shockingly AWAKE.  That groggy, negative ‘I just don’t want to do shit’ feeling doesn’t exist on most days, and that is a huge improvement for me.

What works for me may not work for you.  Some people like to journal first thing in the AM, others like to read.

Whatever you feel may be your optimal morning routine, just give it a shot, even for 1 day.


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