How to Bring Life to Your Boring and Impersonal Email Messages

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If you believe that email marketing is dead in the water, you should take a long hard look at your personal inbox. Chances are you will see more than a few signs of life. Contrary to what a number of people believe, email marketing efforts are definitely alive and well. In order for email to be the effective medium that it can be, however, it needs to go along with a sound content marketing strategy, which will help email become a powerful tool for promoting your business.

Over the years, email marketing has evolved. Gone are the days of simple, generic messages ‘blasted’ to the nameless and faceless masses. Now, email marketing techniques are much more refined and mature.

Consider this, every time you ask a question, sign up for a new site, download something or file a complaint, the very first thing that is asked for is always your email address, from the local retailer to Amazon. Once a business has acquired your address, they have a direct line of communication with you, the new potential customer. The goal of the emails you receive will be to move you further into the sales funnel, if it is being done correctly.

If you’re now convinced that email marketing (done the right way, no ‘blasts’) is something your business needs, then let’s look at a few tips to help you get started.

Create Personalized Messages

Time and time again it has been proven that customers shopping online are frustrated when businesses just target them with ads, promos or offers that have absolutely nothing to do with their actual interests. Also, emails that begin with generic greetings, such as “Dear customer,” are equally frustrating. This is the type of email that is begging to be sent to the spam folder, destined for the trash before even given a second thought by the recipient.

If you want your email campaign to be effective, you have to have people who actually open and then read the messages that you send. The first thing you need to do to personalize your message is create an attention-grabbing subject line. A personalized subject line has a much better chance of being opened than the generic ones. When creating a main message you should not try to “make the sale” right away. Instead, let the reader know that you are aware of the product that they are interested in and that you have some more information to help them make a decision. This can drive engagement since you will be addressing the person’s specific needs and interests. You are trying to build a relationship, don’t come on too strong.

Show Off Your Personality

In this digitally driven age, it is more important than ever before to add a bit of personality and humanness to your business. Today’s consumers seem more ready to engage with businesses that are using the voice of their brand. Remember, you need to take the time to make yourself stand out from your competition. Your business personality is what will demonstrate what makes you different than the others that provide similar services or products. It is your show of personality that will encourage customer engagement by helping to capture the interest of your audience and then continue drawing them in.

So, now the question you must answer is how to showcase your personality through your email marketing efforts. The first thing you should do is be human and show your audience that they can actually relate to you and your brand. Demonstrate that you are both knowledgeable and approachable. Try to mix in a bit of humor, lightheartedness and wit when it is appropriate. Throw in a personal anecdote that you think will resonate. Be sure to write your emails the way that you talk to your friends, using a conversational tone, rather than being formal.

Consistently Provide Value

Give stuff away.  Information, tips, resources, stories, and yes, even product.  Keep up on the latest trends in your demographic and share them with your list.  Learn a new productivity hack (everyone will be interested regardless of your niche) and tell people about it.  If your audience can trust that when you send an email there will be something of value in it, they will open it, read it, and maybe even look forward to it.  More importantly, when your offer email comes along with something to sell, they will trust that it contains value as well.


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