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Strategy Session

What if one conversation is all you need to put you on a path towards doubling your revenue? Is that something you would be interested in? I’m open to speaking with you to learn a bit about your goals and then collaboratively creating a strategic game plan to help you achieve them. Nothing but upside here.

Flipping The Switch

Visit Amazon to find my book, Flipping the Switch, for actionable advice and strategies to expand your business online. A helpful tool for any business owner, if I do say so myself.

Get Things Done!

We work with brands and businesses to help them understand social and digital media and then we create a workable plan for them to WIN online.
We create:

  • The vehicles for sharing (videos, content, websites, mobile apps, etc.)
  • The social platforms that share them ( Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.)
  • The strategy for each business to use all of these tools to their fullest

We provide:

  • Strategy- Social, E-commerce and all things Digital
  • Design and Development: Web, Social and Mobile Applications
  • Digital Marketing: SEO, SEM, PPC, FB Ads and CPA
  • Media Creation: Video, Banners, Flash, HTML Email



If you want to get together to discuss Season 4 of ‘The Wire’ and other things, particularly over a glass of bourbon, I’m available.

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I'm not around right now, but you can send me an email and I'll get back to you, asap.

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